Store FAQs

How much is shipping and tax?

Shipping cost varies based on your location and the size of your order. In all cases, orders over $600 ship for free.

Additionally, since we are a tax-exempt organization, what we sell is a fundraising activity, which is not subject to sales tax.

How are items shipped?

All items are shipped from our Seattle office via USPS Priority Mail within 7 business days – except during Blackout Days.  Priority mail generally arrives within 2-3 business days of shipping.  If you need your order sooner, please contact us ( before placing your order to discuss possible expedited shipping.

I would like to place a large order (10+ kits), will this affect shipping time?

Because we are a non-profit running a small store, as opposed to a big retailer, large orders may need more time for us to process and ship depending on staff capacity and our inventory levels. If you are thinking of placing a large order, please reach out to us ahead of time so we can be as prepared as possible!

How do I use a purchase order, get invoiced and/or pay by check?

Credit card is our preferred method of payment. If that is not an option for you or your organization, please send an email to to discuss alternate forms of payment.


I lost some cards from my kit, what do I do?

You can order replacement cards.  Contact us at the email or phone number below if you have questions about which cards are missing. Please make sure to note which kit, what character, and exactly what card or cards are missing.

Please note: it can take up to a week for us to ship replacement cards so we recommend checking your kit after every use to be sure you have all of the pieces instead of waiting until right before a training!


Can I return my order?
See our ordering policies for information on returns.


Can I make my own version of a training kit?
All of our training kits are copyright protected.  However, we may be able to work with you on some modifications.  Please email for more information.


Why can’t I purchase the original In Their Shoes or In Her Shoes kits?

Both of the original In Their Shoes and In Her Shoes kits are undergoing revisions at the moment. In the meantime, we have the Classroom Edition of In Their Shoes and the Economic Justice Edition of In Her Shoes as excellent alternatives. If you have more questions about the differences, please feel free to contact us to discuss.


What's the difference between the original In Their Shoes and the Classroom Edition?

The original In Their Shoes kit is designed to be used with people who interact with teens whereas the Classroom Edition is designed to be used with teens themselves, can be done in one class period, and meets national and local standards.

The language in the Classroom Edition is toned down to be used with a young adult audience. In the original version, there is more explicit language and content whereas the Classroom Edition is slightly more mild. However, the Classroom Edition contains the same scenarios as the Original and could be used with groups of adults as well.

What's the difference between the original In Her Shoes and the Economic Justice Edition?

The original In Her Shoes kit is designed to educate a broad range of community and professional groups who interact with survivors. The Economic Justice Edition is designed to increase awareness of the additional struggles survivors face when they are poor. The perspective of the person causing harm is also represented in the Economic Justice Edition.

Where can I learn more?

If you'd like to know more about the In Her Shoes and Caminando en sus Zapatos training kits, check the page on our main website! 

We also have a page about In Their Shoes where you can learn more information and see an example video of how one program uses In Their Shoes! 

What are Blackout Days?

Sometimes WSCADV is unable to ship orders the same week they are received. Our Blackout Days are the days that we're unable to fulfill same-week orders. They will be shipped the following week. If you know you need something earlier please make your purchase as soon as you can, so we can plan accordingly. 


How do I contact you with other questions?
We can be reached for questions regarding the store by email at or by phone at (206) 389-2515 ext. 209.